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Name:Moe moe kyun ♥
Birthdate:May 26
Location:ONTARIO, Canada
[community profile] iam the Byakuran of Dreamwidth! ♥
Hibari Kyouya is [community profile] mai_husbando
Hibari Kyouya & Mukuro Rokudou is my [community profile] otp
2am/2pm/big bang/Story of the Year/Cash Cash are my [community profile] bandom
Hibari Kyouya is [community profile] mai_waifu
Souji Seta is [community profile] mai_waifu
Mio Akiyama is [community profile] mai_waifu
[community profile] idkmybff Souji Seta?♥
I am [community profile] thefucking Nickhun of Dreamwidth! ♥
Arthur "England" Kirkland is my [community profile] hetalia_husbando

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